Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All and everything!

Lord Jesus, everything You are
is truly my delight!
The things that come to steal my joy
You always put to flight!
As long as I commit my way
unto You and Your Word
the stealing of my hope and joy
can NEVER be occurred!

I'm thankful, Lord, for everything
You give, You say, You do...
oh, but I am thankful most
for You just being You!
Too many only look to You
for all that You provide,
but Jesus, I appreciate
that, in me, You abide!

You satisfy me, Jesus, and
secure me on The Way.
I have no cause, therefore, to seek
what others have or say!
Who You are...What You are...
and all that is to be--
Jesus-there can NEVER be
another Lord for me!

Who is Jesus in your life?
What is Jesus in your life?
How about in that life to come?
Jesus was, is, and will always be anything and all that you will ever need!
How about your desires? Ask Him! He desires to hear those, too.
However, He desires most for us to realize that He knows all that and to just worship Him and trust Him for WHO He is--the Son of God and Lord of your life!

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