Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The End

In conversation with a 'well-seasoned' individual:

The closer to the end
the more be known as 'friend?'
Grudges disappear;
they have no purpose here!
All one may possess
matters less and less.
The closer to the end
priorities ascend?

"The end is near."
We've heard it all our lives...
But truth be settled: No one knows exactly when their end will come.
Why waste that time in conflict?
Why waste that time in competition that cannot be won?
Let it go and start living!

"Those" people!

Every church has them...
Every one of us know some...

So precious are the stalwarts
whose faith shall waiver not!
A lesson unto each of us,
the faith that they have got.
One does not have to be concerned
if they will attend,
it is a different matter, tough,
if their presence should end!

The pillars of the church-for they
are faithful, they are true.
They pray for almost anything
that you ask them to.
Always there for the Pastor,
always there for you;
always there for God, whatever
task there is to do!

So beautiful, the faithful-
examples unto all;
giving of themselves,
heeding Jesus' call!
Where would His church be without them,
just where would His church be?
Be sure to say a prayer for them,
and bless them when you see!

Those of you who attend church regularly, you know who I am talking about.
Those of you who do not attend, but know someone who is faithful and always willing to pray for you, you also know who I am talking about.
Thank them. Love them. Pray for them. Treasure them...for they will not always be here.


Blessings on you this day.
Join me in prayer, won't you?

"You are my vision, o King of my heart!
Explain to me, when did eternity start?
However long until Heaven shall end
I will adore You, my Savior, my Friend!

You're my salvation, o King of my soul!
My own forever is in Your control!
Lord, I surrender my self and my will;
all that is not You I want You to kill!

You are my Everything, Jesus, Lord, King!
Of Your provision will ever I sing!
Nothing can take the place of all You are!
You are my vision, and never afar!

Dear God, take everything today that is not You and get it out of my life!
Father, take everything that is afflicting my family and destroy it!
Please make Your vision known to all of mine so that we may be in one accord.
Thank You for the covering of Your Blood, Lord!

In JESUS' Name,


Before the light of morning is...
what am I doing here?
My presence in this time of day
should be not even near!
But once more, Someone greater
has me at this post,
I know from experience
it's where He wants me most.
Am I here because of children
straying left or right...
or because of parents who are
tired of the fight...
am I here because of a friend
pondering a drink,
at a point where they're not able
to correctly think...
Perhaps I'm up to bridge the gap
for a missionary far...
or for that pastor, on his face
because of a recent scar!
Or could God only have me up
to see Him raise the sun-
none other is to do that, and
it's gloriously done!

Whatever be the reason I
am here before the light,
He is the reason I am up
and, in Him, I delight!
NEVER take for granted
time alone with God Most High!
Delight in knowing you are known-
and, your self, crucify!

I'm tired...I want to go back to bed...but I know that there is a reason that I am up at this hour, and I refuse to leave His Presence until He blesses me!

Monday, August 29, 2011

On the River...

In the awe and splendor of creation
do the words and verses flow at all?
Silence is to captivate all living
as Creator God begins to call:
oh hear Him in the breath that combs the forest...
see His whisper on the river flow...
hear Him calling in the hawk there soaring...
oh, but He is effortless to know!

In the silent roar of His creation-
such a great escape from daily grind!
No need for voice or verse out of the poet,
only God, in fullness, seek to find!

Look for Him today as you go.
No! Just NOTICE Him today as you go. You don't even have to look for Him!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Starting again

The sun is coming up...
the animals are stirring...
the coffee is perking...

How to begin the day?
We've got to stop and pray!
I must tell God my plan
so He will bless this man!

No, no, no...but wait!
Erase, erase the slate
and ask what HIS PLANS are,
else I will not get far!

"Too often are my plans made without You.
And then I wonder why they are not through.
I wonder why I do not meet success,
and ask You why You did not come and bless!
Oh God, 'I put the cart before the horse,'
and try to make success by my own force.
When will I learn to follow You each day,
and watch You prosper me upon The Way?"

Let's try this again:
The sun is coming up...
the animals are stirring...
the coffee is perking...
and beautiful is that Still, Small Voice that is encouraging me and giving directions for the day that is beginning.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All and everything!

Lord Jesus, everything You are
is truly my delight!
The things that come to steal my joy
You always put to flight!
As long as I commit my way
unto You and Your Word
the stealing of my hope and joy
can NEVER be occurred!

I'm thankful, Lord, for everything
You give, You say, You do...
oh, but I am thankful most
for You just being You!
Too many only look to You
for all that You provide,
but Jesus, I appreciate
that, in me, You abide!

You satisfy me, Jesus, and
secure me on The Way.
I have no cause, therefore, to seek
what others have or say!
Who You are...What You are...
and all that is to be--
Jesus-there can NEVER be
another Lord for me!

Who is Jesus in your life?
What is Jesus in your life?
How about in that life to come?
Jesus was, is, and will always be anything and all that you will ever need!
How about your desires? Ask Him! He desires to hear those, too.
However, He desires most for us to realize that He knows all that and to just worship Him and trust Him for WHO He is--the Son of God and Lord of your life!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sword of Justice

And with the Sword of Justice He
walks through eternity.
He trods across the billowed clouds
and o'er the raging sea!
At just the whisper of His voice
the mountain peaks do fall,
and every facet of the storm
does beckon to His call!
So holy and so powerful,
so perfect is His Name!
So loving and so beautiful,
none other is the same!

And with the Sword of Jesus Christ
I walk across the land.
More power than could e'er be told
I'm holding in my hand!
And His own shield of righteousness
I hold in front of me,
to guard me from the enemy
that only He can see!
So perfect and so valuable,
so precious in His sight...
my brother, I do fathom not
why I have such a right!
He sees more sins that I have done
than any human eye,
but He FORGETS them, every one,
when unto Him I cry!
So holy and so powerful,
so blind to all my sin?
The Sword of Justice in His hand...
for me He let it bend!

"For me, He let it bend." What a glorious truth! What incredible mercy!!
I am so blessed. If you are born-again, you are blessed, also! Let someone else know it! There is enough to go around, but there is so little time left!

Ongoing Mission

"To boldly go where no man has gone before..."
Cliche for the times?
But isn't that what we must often do with the Gospel?
And not just 'go.' We must often boldly say and do what no man has done before...or so it seems. Truth be told, it has been said and done before, but with the way the world is acting, it seems like they may have never seen or heard of Jesus!
Every one of us who know Jesus as our Savior has a daily responsibility to go and do what it takes to evangelize the world...wherever we are in that world! And we are without excuse, because the Holy Spirit will direct us to those places!
Are we committed to that challenge, or are our heads in the clouds?

"You give me all I ever need
to prosper every day!
You give me an abundance for
to share along The Way.
There is no shortage of the ones
who hunger and who thirst;
You even put me in the paths
of them that need it worst!

Oh God, let me not shirk the calling
that grows louder yet!
You have blessed me with the gifts
that they so need to get!
Some do not yet recognize
the strait that they are in...
others know without a doubt,
yet RUN back to their sin!
Some, Lord, even name You as
the Savior of their life,
yet, the snares of darkness lie
and bind them in such strife!

Dear God, so many snares await
to hinder even I!
When I purpose to do Your will
'circumstances' lie!
I must commit to do the good
in spite of what is pending;
as there is certainly a Hell
for their forever spending!

What we possess is definitely worth sharing!
What we possess we are commanded and compelled to share!
How petty are the excuses that you use?
Are you going to commit to His Service, our are you on a different "TREK?"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What will YOU do?

Apathy...one of the greatest curses we can know...

"I'm sorry for the satisfaction
I have come to know...
Forgive me for my comfort, Lord,
when, with You, I go...
I need to be disturbed about
the things that trouble You;
I know that You have causes, Lord,
to feel the pain You do:

Trouble me about that guy
that lives across the street
that doesn't care about You,
that needs to be complete!
Trouble me about that lady
at work next to me,
who openly declares that there's
no hope for such as she!
Trouble me about those people
that are "really living;"
how can we reach them if they feel
they do not need forgiving?

Oh God, please get them to that place
they see their need for You,
then help us to be in that same place
knowing what to do!

Forgive me for just washing my hands,
going on with life,
when right outside my door they wallow
in their sin and strife!
I cannot picture You just sitting
back and passing time-
for me to do the same, oh God-
but what a wretched crime!
I'm sorry for the satisfaction
I have come to know.
My God, it is a dying world!
Send me, I will go!"

How far do you have to look to find someone in need of a Savior?
Are you available to help meet that need?

The Artist

My Father had His paintbrush out
last evening while I slept.
I beheld His handiwork
this morning and I wept.
He used so very many colors,
one-at-a-time, each leaf;
for me to record every one,
would it not defy belief?!

He started in the highest boughs;
H is not finished yet.
new subtleties they get.
So gradual...so stealthily...
they breathe and move and live;
all the while, entertainment
constantly, they give!

My Father and His palette--
seasons does He paint!
Above each compliment that be,
above each vain complaint
the colors, they continue,
the blessings mount and mount...
the glories of His handiwork,
impossible to count!

Impossible to count...especially Autumn in the Ozarks! Don't blink or you will miss part of it!
Enjoy His season changes wherever you are. It is worth the time!

Friday, August 19, 2011

For Only

There are so many reasons to praise God.
So much to be thankful for, but...

Not for the mountains You create
and stand in majesty,
but for WHO YOU ARE, oh God,
miracle by Three!
Not for the way You keep my want
and meet mine every need,
but for the grace You give to me
and see that I am freed!
Not for the way You walk beside me
all along the Way,
but for the way You order those steps,
causing me to stay!
Not for the tiny grandson that
You gave us yesterday,
but for the man you see already
on the Narrow Way!

Not for all the things You do,
impossible to sum,
but God, for only WHO YOU ARE
in times and time to come!

All of us have reason to praise Him. And we do not even have to stop and think about it!
Point out those reasons to Him today, and dwell upon them deeply!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


"Keep yourselves from sin, My child,
tell such temptations 'No!'
Virtuous, will you be then,
you'll truly come to know.
I've given you but all of the
resistance you will need.
In Me, all things are possible;
for you I intercede."

But, Father, I am sorely tempted
all throughout the day!
Ever-constantly, it seems,
desires come my way!
You told me You were tempted, Lord,
in all points such as we,
but with the way the world is now
that fact is hard to see!"

"Again, child, I reiterate,
eschew temptation's call!
Assuredly does grace abound
provided you should fall.
But greater is the victory
for them that would resist!
In such tempting, call upon
My Name, so I insist!"

"Thank You for this exhortation
unto purity.
And thank You for the Blood of Christ,
it is my surety!
Against, Lord, such as matter said
will I do as You say
as You give me all I need
to, in Your favor, stay.

Join me in this, won't you? Not in the argument, but in living a life of purity before Him.
He invites us all, and empowers us through His Spirit and His Word to do so.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I have...

...and even if I should be dead,
the words of this man be unread,
anonymous upon the earth,
at least have I a second birth!
As long as I am born again,
it makes no difference where I've been;
what matters is one thing alone:
eternity before His throne!
Though very few would know my name...
though I may have a peasant's fame...
though I may be a lowly one,
yet I am chosen as a son!
Yea, through the Blood of Jesus Christ
that, just for me, was sacrificed,
I am make a Kingdom heir-
thus do I enjoy a share
of living in eternity
with the Blessed Trinity!

Yea, though anonymous to most,
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
are very well aware of me-
and therein lies my victory!

What about you?
What matters most to you?
Can you handle it if you never attain a certain 'status?'
The 'things' that you are doing, who or what are you doing them for?
Even if it is 'good' that you are doing, what if no one ever sees it but God?
Can you live with that?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Now that we are alone with God, what do we say?
Are we going to succumb to repetitious phrases that we have used for years, or are we going to pour out our hearts like never before?
We need to pray like never before! This country needs Him like never before! I need Him like never before!

Oh God, we are a needy people!
We are full of words.
We have all of the phrases, Lord,
that You've already heard.
But see our hearts as we cry out,
see the shape we're in:
So many ways and 'policies,'
that You regard as "sin!"

I'm sorry for the ignorance
I bring into Your court.
I'm sorry, Lord, for seeing You
as a "last resort."
I'm sorry for ignoring You
until it gets this bad;
Lord, You are the greatest God
that man has ever had!
Forgive me for embezzling
that which belongs to You.
Though You give me everything,
I always want for new.
Oh Father, make me satisfied
with all that You dispense,
so I will have no more cause
to seek deliverance!

True, I am a needy man,
needy for Your all!
I am so very wealthy, Lord,
because of Your great call!
And needy for Your mercy as
I come to You once more;
Lord, Your grace and mercy, with
the same come now, restore.

Pray for healing for this land.
Pray for mercy and grace for each other.
I need it. You need it. WE need it. AMERICA NEEDS IT!
God told us in His Word that if His people would humble themselves and pray, He would hear from Heaven and heal our land.
Join me, won't you?

That Place!

Finally...alone with God!
So much is going on, but I must make it to this place!
Whatever the day contains, I must find out

How to focus yet again
while life is going on.
So many the distractions-
I must learn to make them gone!
Too many are the weeds that rise
and try to choke the bloom,
but this I know: I do not have to
give them any room!

How to focus once again?
Jesus Christ I call!
Distractions of this daily life,
He is above them all!
Accompanying every step
along the Narrow Way,
He gets me through the quandaries-
victorious I stay!

So many the distractions,
He is above them all!
Atop the busyness of life
I listen to His call.
He is so very present,
He is so very real...
He is a force inside my life
I hear, I see, I feel!

What glorious escape! What awesome refuge...JESUS!
Don't lose sight of the Wonder that Jesus is! Take Him with you in all that you do, but make special time for only Him.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Conversing with God once again...
Oh, the precious love He conveys...

Every time He tells me
I am His and He is mine,
such wonder then sweeps over me-
is this by His design?
The happiness and peace that is
in knowing I have Him
makes my very countenance
not to ever dim!

Such words unto my heart and soul
are not for me alone.
An invitation unto all
this world has ever known!
The same affection unto all-
however, you must respond
and, deep inside your heart let Him
who, of you, is so fond!

Anything He says to me
is always said in love.
I treasure so the words from Him
Who watches from above!
Worth much more than words, though, the
assurance I have got
that He loves me, regardless if
I hear the words or not!

Can you hear the words He is saying to you?
I promise you the Holy Spirit is constantly wooing and calling to you!
Take time to listen.
Make a point to respond!
It is the most rewarding conversation you will ever have!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More wonderful truths...

Seasons come...seasons go...
how many more seasons shall we know
before the end, the Trumpet blast?
Our home in glory to see at last!
True, some have gone on before.
They are rejoicing on that shore!
Revelling before His Throne
where only is perfection known!
And them that are ahead of us,
they would compel us not to fuss
but fight the good fight fight He spoke of:
battling to spread His love!

It is a battle, this we know.
We know the Overcomer though!
And He assures the victory:
His Blood, it is our guarantee!
His Name is Jesus, Jesus Christ.
And for our all He was sacrificed
by a God with stellar love!
He's down below...He's up above...
He is inside...He is out!
Believe in Him and do not doubt
and You will know that love divine!
For it is yours and it is mine!

Grasp the Truth that Jesus is and NEVER turn it loose!!
Pour out what Jesus pours into you...He will continue to fill you to overflowing...no matter what season you are going through...no matter how many seasons you have seen!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I am gone, it will be

Just a stone upon a piece of land-
how many the emotions to command?
How many lives were touched by them below?
What affects did this world know?

Life will definitely go on after we are gone, but will life be any different for anyone? That is the question we must ask.
Are we doing anything to affect life now?
I have seen some folks affecting life around them right now, but for all the wrong reasons! And that seems to be quite a trend...unfortunately.
Are you doing anything to affect the world for good?
Every day...every hour...every minute is a gift from God, a new opportunity to touch the lives of those around you.
Don't waste it.
Touch life today in a way that will affect eternity. It could be as close as the next person you see!
Don't let that 'stone' mentioned above be your heart.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Still There and Here

All that is wanted
by body and soul
was done at the Cross
where He made us whole...
All that is needed,
all that's required,
Jesus provided
and then He retired?
NO! He is living
in Heaven and Earth,
involved in the lives of
all having His birth!

All that is wanted or needed at all
Jesus provides to those heeding His call.
And even the ones yet avoiding His love
receive of His mercy and grace from above!

Needed or wanted,
what precious supply
from Jesus, God's Son,
how He loves you & I!

Is He involved in YOUR life? Absolutely!
It's just that some of us are more aware of it than others!
Make an effort to realize the extent of His care and concern for you.