Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where is Freedom?

What comes to mind when you hear the word?
Is it a place where you live?
Is it a 'physical' condition?
Until it becomes a state of the heart, its fullness will never be realized. And the only way the heart can know true freedom, is for the soul to know it, as well.
Where is freedom for the soul? In Jesus Christ alone.
Thank God for America! America the free! Because of the freedom we have here, we can worship the only One Who provides complete freedom: Jesus Christ!

America, the beautiful...
America, the free...
America, the glorious,
and may we ever be!
America, the place God's chosen
liberally to bless!
America, where I am free,
His glories to confess!

And I am free to speak about
the beauty of His Name;
I am free to share with all
the power of the same!
I am free to live the way
that Jesus tells me to,
all the while, sharing His
great love with such as you!

America...oh so blessed
a nation that we are
to have such great significance
to every stripe and star!
Value that which comes from Him
Whose blessed this nation much,
and never take for granted
your freedom nor His touch!

America. Celebrate your freedom!
Celebrate His grace that has blessed us with MANY freedoms!
Thank God for America!
Thank God for Jesus!

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