Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the well is dry...

When the well is dry...
What do you do?
For a worker, it is when you are told your services are no longer needed...
For a writer, it is when you just cannot find anything to put on paper...
For the giver, it is when you have no more to share...
When the well is dry...what do you do?
What do you do?
Been there, done that?
How blessed and fortunate are those belonging to Jesus!
In so many life-instances, He IS The Well!
In this writer's life, He is certainly THE Source of all that you read!
I carry a notepad with me pretty much at all times. At the top of each page, you will find the words "SPEAK, OH LORD." He is always faithful to answer that request, but sometimes it takes a little longer.
But that is just one facet of this life that He provides for. He is concerned about ALL of your life! There is nothing that applies to your life that He does not know about and does not want to be involved in! LET HIM!
Jesus made a way for you to get to God the Father, God the Source! If you will go to Him, wait on Him, He will address any part of your life that you need Him to.

"Oh God, You are THE Source in all
and every part of living!
Your love, it is eternal, and
Your heart is
You made a place and gave us life
that will not ever end,
and to that Place, Lord, very soon,
Your people will ascend!

But God, You give us life while we
are even in this place!
Life in great abundance as
this living we would face!
Life as we cry out to You,
(and even life before!)
Oh God, You are THE Source, and You
are all we're living for!"

Make God YOUR Source! Know His faithfulness! He will not let you down. With Him as The Well, you will never dry up.

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