Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Festivities abounding
through Christ, our Victory!
He is alive inside of us
and damn the enemy!
For there is no retreating for
the army of His Own!
Through Jesus Christ and Christ alone,
Triumphant we are known!

The camp of the enemy is not
as we press on in Christ.
For our victory, He has
completely sacrificed!
And glory, He, our Guarantee,
shall lead in each campaign!
Our victory is settled, thus
TRIUMPHANT we remain!

Festivities abounding
and ere eternally.
Celebrating Jesus Christ
forever we shall be!
The trials and the skirmishes
so temporary yet;
cling to the Victor and His Word--
all Triumph shall we get!

You can have such victory in your daily walk, but only through JESUS!
Ask Him into Your heart.
Ask Him to direct your every step!
He is THAT real and He wants to be that real in all that you do!
Let Him!

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