Monday, July 18, 2011

Those Eyes...that Face

I look into that person's face.
Does my visage allude to grace?
Do my eyes somehow accuse?
Does my glance further abuse?
What is that person going through?
Is there something I can do?
Will God, this servant, utilize
as I look into their eyes?

So many faces to behold.
So much is this one being told.
So much ministry awaits-
the Holy Spirit aspirates
and once again says "Who will go?
The fields, for they are white as snow!"
The workers, they are oh so few."
We have to move beyond our pew!

I look into that person's face.
I have to put me in their place
and do for them what I would need--
I have got to intercede!
Whatever pain they're going through,
my Father knows just what to do,
but I must take them to that place
where they can know His wondrous grace.

Have you seen that face?
Do you run the other way when you see those eyes?
I promise you, there is someone in your day that needs to hear what you have in your heart!
The Life that you possess is what they are dying for!
Give them that Life! Share with them that Love.
Don't run away!

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