Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If I write what can't be understood,
the scholars cry out "This is really good!"
If I write simplicity and plain,
the masses have no reason to explain.
But if my words are Holy Spirit-led,
the Heavens will rejoice at what I said!
What, then, shall be the produce of this pen?
Should I seek to satisfy all men?

"But Father, if I write what I am told,
nothing of the Spirit to withhold,
You will be exalted over all!
And so will I fulfill Your Sovereign call.
So, as I take the sword up and obey,
I desire, Lord, what You would say.
I MUST write what is pleasing unto You--
for that's what You created me to do!"

How about you?
Are you fulfilling His calling on your life?
Each of us have a calling, you know?
Do what you were made to do with all that you are and with all that you have!
The return is awesome!

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