Friday, July 8, 2011

Perfect Place

Where honor is no issue,
and there are no excuses...
where people have integrity
and there are no abuses...
perfection is occurring,
and such, it is the norm...
man can there attend, if all
his ways would he transform!

It must be a desire, though,
to be in such a place
where honesty is forethought,
and natural is grace.
Where one has not to wonder what
ulterior motives be.
Oh, that such could be attained
by even such as we!

It can't be legislated,
it must come from the heart!
Integrity is what we are
when we are set apart.
Integrity is who I am
when no one else can see.
The is One Place that yet remains
where all of this will be.

Heaven. The Perfect Place.
How painful it is to think that we must wait until then to be in a place where everyone is honest.

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