Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More facts

The enemy has power,
God is greater, though!
His glory and His majesty
can every person know!
Defeated is the enemy!
His destiny is known!
Christ is our deliverance,

No enemy has victory
with Christ, our wherewithal!
Though habits seek to overtake,
He is above them all!
Addressing our mortality,
He raises us above,
escorting through the valley with
the power of His love!

Jesus--our Deliverance--
no enemy will stand!
Infirmities and habits flee
at only His command!
The battle-it belongs to Him,
the warfare is His own;
submission, therefore, be our part,
to Jesus Christ alone!

The battle belongs to the Lord!
Stay out of the way unless He commands you otherwise!
Yes, we are equipped.
Yes, we are assured victory. But don't go looking for a fight! The battle will already be part of your everyday. But the plan of attack is already settled.

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