Thursday, July 14, 2011


I hate to be the one breaking this to you, but you are being watched
Everywhere you go...everything you do...constantly!
Does that make any difference in the way that you live?

So grateful for the messengers
at labor constantly.
Here and there...everywhere...
man cannot even see!
Observing and recording,
but so involved, as well!
Reporting back to Father God,
their exploits for to tell.

Angels watching over us,
faithful to assign.
Everywhere you set your foot
is by His design.
Your every movement ordered,
as long as you submit;
His loving care, His arms of grace
to You would He commit!

Angels omnipresent as
you live unto His will,
regardless of how busy...
regardless of how still...
Messengers of mercy
straight from His perfect heart!
"Oh God, we are so fortunate!
Oh God, how great Thou art!"
you live unto His will.

Yes, there are angels! They are EVERYWHERE! He assigns them to each of our lives. However, do not get so caught up in looking for them that You miss God Himself!

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