Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Life" Happens!

Life happens...unfairly, at times!
None of us have it any different from another?
No matter how bad it gets at times, God remains sovereign, in control, and greater than than our circumstances!
Greater than our circumstances...but that not mean that He doesn't care!

"God, You are so much greater than
all the "stuff" in life!
Lord, You are far superior
to any of our strife!
The trials of this life, (though so
familiar unto You,)
are so much less than anything
You are...or say...or do!

My God, I rise above it all
as I call out Your Name!
That which is becomes that which
I surely overcame!
There is NOTHING to compare
to anything You are,
and Father, You are everything,
no single thing to bar!

The pinnacle of life is every
moment, Lord, anew
in the glory of the Presence,
God, of only You!
Above whatever life avails
is our relationship-
the greatest love that ever is
inside Your perfect grip!"

Every one of us is going through something...and God cares!
However, we must try not to let it affect our relationship with God. He is our refuge...especially during those times. "Stuff" happens to each of us, but don't allow it to rise to the level of Jesus.

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