Saturday, July 16, 2011

Less of 'Me'

Oh, for less of me!
I surely hope that what this writer conveys is all for the glory of God and not myself!

Oh God, I would that words would flow
out of that well within
that would be pleasant to Your taste
and not to flatter men!
Let that residing in my heart
reserved for only You
Your desires satisfy--
Holy Spirit's due.
You are the only One that I
must seek to gratify.
With the Holy Spirit's help
successful would be I!
The volumes, they shall count for naught
when I shall stand before,
but they shall glorify Yourself
until that Trumpet roar!

Be glorified, Oh God, in all
that I should say or write!
Be seen and heard, my Father, as
I stand up and recite!
Be known, Lord, in Your fullness as
another sees our verse!
Into the wonder of Yourself
the hearer to immerse!

"More of YOU, oh God! You, alone, deserve the glory!"

Let each of us live our lives and "DO" for Him, alone!

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