Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jesus is all!

This life can be intimidating at times!
Cruising along in victory and something happens that stills our peace. Usually something minor?
Regardless of its' size, Jesus is available for it all...

There is peace for you to savor,
there is solace, too;
in the arms of Christ alone
it waits for even you!
Nothing may compare with that
availed in the Lord!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
every person can afford!

Call out to Him! Cry out for Him!
Whisper soft His Name...
He will respond unto your heart,
and you'll be glad He came!
He knows exactly what you want
before you even call,
but He desires to hear from you,
from you most of all!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
beautiful and true!
Everyday in Jesus
is glorious and new!
Always is there perfect peace
with the Prince of such!
There is nothing to compare
with Jesus and His touch!

Jesus and His touch. Perfection!
Know the peace that He is and this life becomes a little less intimidating!
He is all you need!

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