Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Where have you been?
I haven't heard from you for awhile.
So much has happened in the past week. It seems like we have lived a whole year in that period!
It is good to be with you again.
A whole year in a week...but God is present through it all.
Part of that week was spent away from home.
Part of that time was spent in a doctor's office.
Part of that time was spent in a waiting room...

Once more in a crowd...
whispering allowed;
don't look into the eyes,
the 'self' might vocalize!
More and more appear...
'privacy' 'comes more dear!
Emotions get pent up...
"O please, remove this cup!"

Once more in a crowd?
Why this wretched shroud?!
Reach out and touch a hand--
will any understand?
Exchange that fleeting glance!
Give fellowship a chance!
Be genuine in living,
be generous in giving!

"Just a face in the crowd?"
See there Jesus! Live out loud!
Look for Him in every way!
Celebrate Him everyday!

"Hurry up! Get there before anyone sees..."
"Hurry up! Get done A.S.A.P.! Get back home as soon as you can!"

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