Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A hand from somewhere

Wandering around...aimlessly...without purpose...
When suddenly,

A hand from somewhere, reaching out
before the mind should foster doubt,
meeting yet another need,
nourishing an inner seed.
For I have yet to understand
the workings of this reaching hand.
Its timing, it is ever true.
Ne'er per chance to misconstrue.
With expertise, I fathom not
Him Who, this reaching hand, has got
is ever-present, apropos,
His perfect care for us to know .

And hand from somewhere, reaching out.
The sight of it we'll be without
until we see Him face to face,
then to learn each time and place!
Oh, bless that reaching hand precise!
For ANY need should it suffice!
I cherish this so blessed sign
of Him Who saved this soul of mine!

The reaching hands of Jesus.
Where were you when they found you?
Where are you going to be when they find you?
He is there. Ever-reaching. Reach out and take hold of that hand! In it is the key to every situation in this this life!

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