Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Greatest Talk

Be still...
hush for a moment...'s that Still, Small Voice...
He is so faithful to speak when there is no sound!
Hmmm...what will Jesus say today?

"Speak, for I will hear, oh Lord.
There's no one else around.
I have been looking for You,
desiring Your sound.
So much life is happening,
discernment I so need.
Whatever You say to me, Jesus,
surely I will heed.
Such busyness abounding,
but, Lord, I steal away
just to be alone with You
upon the Narrow Way.
Your words are honey on my lips,
such life unto my heart;
I crave the wisdom and the wealth
Your visit would impart!

I'm still and I will hear You, Lord.
What be Your message now?
There is nothing in this life
to keep me from my vow!
Thank You for Your Presence and
the treasure You bestow.
A greater conversation, Lord,
this life could never know!"

Do you know that conversation?
Have you such contact with the Creator of the world?
You can!
You can talk to God just like He is right there next to you as you read this! That's how real He is!
Try it.

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