Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Crest...

Psst, over there, look...

From the crest the vision is
to surely captivate!
The clouds scheduled to perform
are several hours late;
the mirror, it is absent from
the face of Baxter Shoals,
but present in the scene is Him
possessing all controls.
He is the Maker of the clouds,
He whispers them aloft.
He sets it all in order and
He shows it to me oft!
I may not receive the wise
of clouds or even storm,
but fortunate am I attending
as they slowly form.

From the crest is life renewed,
and living makes more sense.
Find your crest in this short life
and take up residence!

It is fact that God will either give you an escape from a situation, or He will equip you to weather it.
Don't take His provision for granted, or miss His opportunities for growth. From the crest, I saw the moving of His hand and the miracle of creation. Some people only saw a storm.

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