Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes, God is so faithful! He responds to the prayers of His people.
His Word tells us that He is touched by our concerns.
The God of all creation is concerned with that which concerns you!
He loves you THAT much! GRASP THAT!

"I do not understand...
I'm groping with my hand
as I attempt to fathom that of You!
You are greater than my thought...
all of logic comes to naught
as I seek to take hold of "Who?"
As I attempt to sum "belief"
reasoning would come to grief,
and there, You rise above futility!
You smile at each vain attempt,
and, once again, I am exempt
from all sense and sensibility!
And once again, in Your embrace,
concern is vanished in Your face
as You completely transport such as we!"

The concerns of this place.
Yes, they are our concerns, but we are not to be consumed by them. We are to take them to the Cross and leave them there.
God is big enough to take them off of our shoulders. That is why He instructs us to take on HIS burden. His is easy and light. He can handle that which is too great for us.
Get lost in the wonder of His love. It is the greatest escape we can know, and He can handle the issues of the day while we are there.

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