Monday, July 4, 2011

Even more!

There is only one thing more wonderful than living in America: being born-again and living in America!

Hail Him Who shows Himself alive
in majesty-filled views;
the sharp and subtle contrasts or
the spectrum of the hues;
behold the waving of His hand
before your very eyes-
the absence of all understanding
sure to realize!

So glorious, the vision of
my Father's grand creation!
The very land sings out to Him
in commemoration!
Life becoming symphony
to Father God alone!
O majestic celebration
surely to be known!

Hail Him Who shows Himself alive
and take His life within!
He bought that life for you, and He
will take away Your sin!
Sing unto Him! Join creation
as it shouts His Name!
Hail Him with all your being-
you will never be the same!

The glory of America!
The glory of freedom!
I implore you to know TRUE freedom and liberty as you ask Jesus to dwell inside of you!
Somehow, the beauty of it all becomes more beautiful...
the freedom becomes even more liberated...with Jesus in your heart...somehow!

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