Saturday, July 9, 2011


At the helm upon the sea,
I am not alone.
The Maker of the sea is here,
though I be tossed and blown!
His hand is on my shoulder as
my eyes are on the waves,
I have no need to fear because
I know that Jesus saves!

"Alone upon an angry sea..."
but that can never be!
The One Who walks upon the water
is right here with me!
No wave has power over me,
no storm can fully reign!
The Maker, He stays in control!
I cannot be more plain!

How powerful...
the ocean as it rages!
I shall reach my port just like
the turning of the pages.
Steady at the wheel in spite
of goings on around;
Secure inside the Maker's hand
wherever I be found!

Are you in a storm?
Does it seem like you are being tossed about like a little toy boat?
Who do you have at the helm?
This life is so like that! But there is no storm or disturbance that is greater than Jesus! All of the wind and the waves submit to Him! Try Him and see!

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