Friday, July 8, 2011


One day after another...
same old, same old...
we've always done it that way...
it'll never change...

All of these are statements from Hell!
Living for God is more than this!
Living for God is LIFE!!
Living for God is new AND newer everyday!

"Oh God, You are alive and You
are life unto the living!
You've given us eternal life,
and You just keep on giving!
You give us in abundance while
we press toward the Day
when the Trumpet will sound out
and we will fly away!

Oh God, You are alive inside
the details, so minute!
Without You, Lord, this life would surely
be most destitute!
You are life, itself, and there
is not a substitute
for the way You meet each need!
Provider absolute!

But God, somehow, You are newer
each and every day!
Never is "the same old thing..."
along the Narrow Way!
I praise Your mighty Name as I
so gladly walk along
that path You have anointed, filled
with power and with song!"

"Same old, same old..." WHAT A CURSE!
Break out of it and ask God to direct your day and fill it with His reality!
He is willing and able!

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