Friday, July 8, 2011

Abundant Life!

Life...glorious life!
How far do you have to go to find it?
How hard must you look for it?
Do you even want to?
Life is good.
God is the Giver of life, and He is good!
He only knows how to give good gifts, and one of those gifts is abundant life!

"You've given all that I have needed
to make it to this point.
All that I will have need of,
did you, before, appoint.
The care that You take of Your own,
it cannot be compared.
I cannot look at this life
and see where You've not shared!

My Father, oh so generous,
so giving and so kind,
no greater love, no greater care
could anybody find!
I could search all living long
and still find not a one
to take the kind of care of me
that You've already done!

How wonderful, my Father,
none other be at all.
I am so very fortunate
to know Your very call!
But live through me, I pray, that others
would desire You
by everything I say, oh Lord,
and everything I do!

Live abundantly with me, won't you?

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