Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes, God is so faithful! He responds to the prayers of His people.
His Word tells us that He is touched by our concerns.
The God of all creation is concerned with that which concerns you!
He loves you THAT much! GRASP THAT!

"I do not understand...
I'm groping with my hand
as I attempt to fathom that of You!
You are greater than my thought...
all of logic comes to naught
as I seek to take hold of "Who?"
As I attempt to sum "belief"
reasoning would come to grief,
and there, You rise above futility!
You smile at each vain attempt,
and, once again, I am exempt
from all sense and sensibility!
And once again, in Your embrace,
concern is vanished in Your face
as You completely transport such as we!"

The concerns of this place.
Yes, they are our concerns, but we are not to be consumed by them. We are to take them to the Cross and leave them there.
God is big enough to take them off of our shoulders. That is why He instructs us to take on HIS burden. His is easy and light. He can handle that which is too great for us.
Get lost in the wonder of His love. It is the greatest escape we can know, and He can handle the issues of the day while we are there.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's finally raining here!! HALLELUJAH!
I don't know what you are going through there. Every one of us is facing a challenge. The challenge here of late has been the weather. Suffice it to say, we are rejoicing!
What are you going through? What is your challenge? Are you seeing God come through in a faithful way? He will, you know. We have been praying for rain in this part of the world for months!
Don't give up. Keep praying. Keep believing!

There is One Who listens to our prayers.
He pays attention to them and He cares.
Some think we're only wasting time and words.
"Depending on your God is 'for the birds!'"
"For the birds..." that's pretty deep, you know?
For they trust Him completely as they go!
He makes the trees in which they safely nest;
and they way He feeds them is the best!

"And so, Lord, I consider them quite oft!
As mine each petition goes aloft.
I know that if You care for such as they,
so much more attention comes our way!
Thank You for the care You take of us.
We have no reason to complain or fuss.
You THE Great Provider, Lord, of all!
How fortunate are them that heed Your Call!"

God is certainly calling each of us. Heed the call of God upon you life! Know the perfect provision that He affords to them that love Him.
There is no greater way to live!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


"I can't do that..."
"that will never happen in my lifetime..."
"oh, I gave up on that a long time ago..."
The only thing that can limit God in your life is YOU!
"Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord!
Not by conniving...not by "trying to figure it out..." not by ANYTHING of ourselves, (except maybe, partly, by obedience...) but by His Spirit!
NEVER give up on the promises of God!
Never cheapen the promises of God by denying them!
Never forget the power of your words concerning spiritual matters.
Always believe what you are praying for. (Unless the Holy Spirit says otherwise.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If I write what can't be understood,
the scholars cry out "This is really good!"
If I write simplicity and plain,
the masses have no reason to explain.
But if my words are Holy Spirit-led,
the Heavens will rejoice at what I said!
What, then, shall be the produce of this pen?
Should I seek to satisfy all men?

"But Father, if I write what I am told,
nothing of the Spirit to withhold,
You will be exalted over all!
And so will I fulfill Your Sovereign call.
So, as I take the sword up and obey,
I desire, Lord, what You would say.
I MUST write what is pleasing unto You--
for that's what You created me to do!"

How about you?
Are you fulfilling His calling on your life?
Each of us have a calling, you know?
Do what you were made to do with all that you are and with all that you have!
The return is awesome!


Where have you been?
I haven't heard from you for awhile.
So much has happened in the past week. It seems like we have lived a whole year in that period!
It is good to be with you again.
A whole year in a week...but God is present through it all.
Part of that week was spent away from home.
Part of that time was spent in a doctor's office.
Part of that time was spent in a waiting room...

Once more in a crowd...
whispering allowed;
don't look into the eyes,
the 'self' might vocalize!
More and more appear...
'privacy' 'comes more dear!
Emotions get pent up...
"O please, remove this cup!"

Once more in a crowd?
Why this wretched shroud?!
Reach out and touch a hand--
will any understand?
Exchange that fleeting glance!
Give fellowship a chance!
Be genuine in living,
be generous in giving!

"Just a face in the crowd?"
See there Jesus! Live out loud!
Look for Him in every way!
Celebrate Him everyday!

"Hurry up! Get there before anyone sees..."
"Hurry up! Get done A.S.A.P.! Get back home as soon as you can!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In the stillness of the afternoon,
the spirit whispers "Jesus, Lord, how soon?"
The soul to echo such an inquiry;
the heart to sigh and see if it can see...

How much of life to cry out for that sight?
At morning, noon, and even through the night!
Living reaches for that just beyond...
we cry out for Him of Whom we're fond!

"COME, LORD JESUS, QUICKLY!" be our cry!
But all of life to echo in reply!
Living writhes in pain for that not yet,
when Paradise and Promise we shall get!

Life goes on...
Does it go on in silence?
Can't you hear the pain? The dying to live?
Can't you see the people reaching for what they cannot get?
When will life be satisfied?
"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

More facts

The enemy has power,
God is greater, though!
His glory and His majesty
can every person know!
Defeated is the enemy!
His destiny is known!
Christ is our deliverance,

No enemy has victory
with Christ, our wherewithal!
Though habits seek to overtake,
He is above them all!
Addressing our mortality,
He raises us above,
escorting through the valley with
the power of His love!

Jesus--our Deliverance--
no enemy will stand!
Infirmities and habits flee
at only His command!
The battle-it belongs to Him,
the warfare is His own;
submission, therefore, be our part,
to Jesus Christ alone!

The battle belongs to the Lord!
Stay out of the way unless He commands you otherwise!
Yes, we are equipped.
Yes, we are assured victory. But don't go looking for a fight! The battle will already be part of your everyday. But the plan of attack is already settled.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Those Eyes...that Face

I look into that person's face.
Does my visage allude to grace?
Do my eyes somehow accuse?
Does my glance further abuse?
What is that person going through?
Is there something I can do?
Will God, this servant, utilize
as I look into their eyes?

So many faces to behold.
So much is this one being told.
So much ministry awaits-
the Holy Spirit aspirates
and once again says "Who will go?
The fields, for they are white as snow!"
The workers, they are oh so few."
We have to move beyond our pew!

I look into that person's face.
I have to put me in their place
and do for them what I would need--
I have got to intercede!
Whatever pain they're going through,
my Father knows just what to do,
but I must take them to that place
where they can know His wondrous grace.

Have you seen that face?
Do you run the other way when you see those eyes?
I promise you, there is someone in your day that needs to hear what you have in your heart!
The Life that you possess is what they are dying for!
Give them that Life! Share with them that Love.
Don't run away!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Life" Happens!

Life happens...unfairly, at times!
None of us have it any different from another?
No matter how bad it gets at times, God remains sovereign, in control, and greater than than our circumstances!
Greater than our circumstances...but that not mean that He doesn't care!

"God, You are so much greater than
all the "stuff" in life!
Lord, You are far superior
to any of our strife!
The trials of this life, (though so
familiar unto You,)
are so much less than anything
You are...or say...or do!

My God, I rise above it all
as I call out Your Name!
That which is becomes that which
I surely overcame!
There is NOTHING to compare
to anything You are,
and Father, You are everything,
no single thing to bar!

The pinnacle of life is every
moment, Lord, anew
in the glory of the Presence,
God, of only You!
Above whatever life avails
is our relationship-
the greatest love that ever is
inside Your perfect grip!"

Every one of us is going through something...and God cares!
However, we must try not to let it affect our relationship with God. He is our refuge...especially during those times. "Stuff" happens to each of us, but don't allow it to rise to the level of Jesus.

Jesus is all!

This life can be intimidating at times!
Cruising along in victory and something happens that stills our peace. Usually something minor?
Regardless of its' size, Jesus is available for it all...

There is peace for you to savor,
there is solace, too;
in the arms of Christ alone
it waits for even you!
Nothing may compare with that
availed in the Lord!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--
every person can afford!

Call out to Him! Cry out for Him!
Whisper soft His Name...
He will respond unto your heart,
and you'll be glad He came!
He knows exactly what you want
before you even call,
but He desires to hear from you,
from you most of all!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
beautiful and true!
Everyday in Jesus
is glorious and new!
Always is there perfect peace
with the Prince of such!
There is nothing to compare
with Jesus and His touch!

Jesus and His touch. Perfection!
Know the peace that He is and this life becomes a little less intimidating!
He is all you need!

Less of 'Me'

Oh, for less of me!
I surely hope that what this writer conveys is all for the glory of God and not myself!

Oh God, I would that words would flow
out of that well within
that would be pleasant to Your taste
and not to flatter men!
Let that residing in my heart
reserved for only You
Your desires satisfy--
Holy Spirit's due.
You are the only One that I
must seek to gratify.
With the Holy Spirit's help
successful would be I!
The volumes, they shall count for naught
when I shall stand before,
but they shall glorify Yourself
until that Trumpet roar!

Be glorified, Oh God, in all
that I should say or write!
Be seen and heard, my Father, as
I stand up and recite!
Be known, Lord, in Your fullness as
another sees our verse!
Into the wonder of Yourself
the hearer to immerse!

"More of YOU, oh God! You, alone, deserve the glory!"

Let each of us live our lives and "DO" for Him, alone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I hate to be the one breaking this to you, but you are being watched
Everywhere you go...everything you do...constantly!
Does that make any difference in the way that you live?

So grateful for the messengers
at labor constantly.
Here and there...everywhere...
man cannot even see!
Observing and recording,
but so involved, as well!
Reporting back to Father God,
their exploits for to tell.

Angels watching over us,
faithful to assign.
Everywhere you set your foot
is by His design.
Your every movement ordered,
as long as you submit;
His loving care, His arms of grace
to You would He commit!

Angels omnipresent as
you live unto His will,
regardless of how busy...
regardless of how still...
Messengers of mercy
straight from His perfect heart!
"Oh God, we are so fortunate!
Oh God, how great Thou art!"
you live unto His will.

Yes, there are angels! They are EVERYWHERE! He assigns them to each of our lives. However, do not get so caught up in looking for them that You miss God Himself!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Festivities abounding
through Christ, our Victory!
He is alive inside of us
and damn the enemy!
For there is no retreating for
the army of His Own!
Through Jesus Christ and Christ alone,
Triumphant we are known!

The camp of the enemy is not
as we press on in Christ.
For our victory, He has
completely sacrificed!
And glory, He, our Guarantee,
shall lead in each campaign!
Our victory is settled, thus
TRIUMPHANT we remain!

Festivities abounding
and ere eternally.
Celebrating Jesus Christ
forever we shall be!
The trials and the skirmishes
so temporary yet;
cling to the Victor and His Word--
all Triumph shall we get!

You can have such victory in your daily walk, but only through JESUS!
Ask Him into Your heart.
Ask Him to direct your every step!
He is THAT real and He wants to be that real in all that you do!
Let Him!

The Greatest Talk

Be still...
hush for a moment...'s that Still, Small Voice...
He is so faithful to speak when there is no sound!
Hmmm...what will Jesus say today?

"Speak, for I will hear, oh Lord.
There's no one else around.
I have been looking for You,
desiring Your sound.
So much life is happening,
discernment I so need.
Whatever You say to me, Jesus,
surely I will heed.
Such busyness abounding,
but, Lord, I steal away
just to be alone with You
upon the Narrow Way.
Your words are honey on my lips,
such life unto my heart;
I crave the wisdom and the wealth
Your visit would impart!

I'm still and I will hear You, Lord.
What be Your message now?
There is nothing in this life
to keep me from my vow!
Thank You for Your Presence and
the treasure You bestow.
A greater conversation, Lord,
this life could never know!"

Do you know that conversation?
Have you such contact with the Creator of the world?
You can!
You can talk to God just like He is right there next to you as you read this! That's how real He is!
Try it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


At the helm upon the sea,
I am not alone.
The Maker of the sea is here,
though I be tossed and blown!
His hand is on my shoulder as
my eyes are on the waves,
I have no need to fear because
I know that Jesus saves!

"Alone upon an angry sea..."
but that can never be!
The One Who walks upon the water
is right here with me!
No wave has power over me,
no storm can fully reign!
The Maker, He stays in control!
I cannot be more plain!

How powerful...
the ocean as it rages!
I shall reach my port just like
the turning of the pages.
Steady at the wheel in spite
of goings on around;
Secure inside the Maker's hand
wherever I be found!

Are you in a storm?
Does it seem like you are being tossed about like a little toy boat?
Who do you have at the helm?
This life is so like that! But there is no storm or disturbance that is greater than Jesus! All of the wind and the waves submit to Him! Try Him and see!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Abundant Life!

Life...glorious life!
How far do you have to go to find it?
How hard must you look for it?
Do you even want to?
Life is good.
God is the Giver of life, and He is good!
He only knows how to give good gifts, and one of those gifts is abundant life!

"You've given all that I have needed
to make it to this point.
All that I will have need of,
did you, before, appoint.
The care that You take of Your own,
it cannot be compared.
I cannot look at this life
and see where You've not shared!

My Father, oh so generous,
so giving and so kind,
no greater love, no greater care
could anybody find!
I could search all living long
and still find not a one
to take the kind of care of me
that You've already done!

How wonderful, my Father,
none other be at all.
I am so very fortunate
to know Your very call!
But live through me, I pray, that others
would desire You
by everything I say, oh Lord,
and everything I do!

Live abundantly with me, won't you?


One day after another...
same old, same old...
we've always done it that way...
it'll never change...

All of these are statements from Hell!
Living for God is more than this!
Living for God is LIFE!!
Living for God is new AND newer everyday!

"Oh God, You are alive and You
are life unto the living!
You've given us eternal life,
and You just keep on giving!
You give us in abundance while
we press toward the Day
when the Trumpet will sound out
and we will fly away!

Oh God, You are alive inside
the details, so minute!
Without You, Lord, this life would surely
be most destitute!
You are life, itself, and there
is not a substitute
for the way You meet each need!
Provider absolute!

But God, somehow, You are newer
each and every day!
Never is "the same old thing..."
along the Narrow Way!
I praise Your mighty Name as I
so gladly walk along
that path You have anointed, filled
with power and with song!"

"Same old, same old..." WHAT A CURSE!
Break out of it and ask God to direct your day and fill it with His reality!
He is willing and able!

Perfect Place

Where honor is no issue,
and there are no excuses...
where people have integrity
and there are no abuses...
perfection is occurring,
and such, it is the norm...
man can there attend, if all
his ways would he transform!

It must be a desire, though,
to be in such a place
where honesty is forethought,
and natural is grace.
Where one has not to wonder what
ulterior motives be.
Oh, that such could be attained
by even such as we!

It can't be legislated,
it must come from the heart!
Integrity is what we are
when we are set apart.
Integrity is who I am
when no one else can see.
The is One Place that yet remains
where all of this will be.

Heaven. The Perfect Place.
How painful it is to think that we must wait until then to be in a place where everyone is honest.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Crest...

Psst, over there, look...

From the crest the vision is
to surely captivate!
The clouds scheduled to perform
are several hours late;
the mirror, it is absent from
the face of Baxter Shoals,
but present in the scene is Him
possessing all controls.
He is the Maker of the clouds,
He whispers them aloft.
He sets it all in order and
He shows it to me oft!
I may not receive the wise
of clouds or even storm,
but fortunate am I attending
as they slowly form.

From the crest is life renewed,
and living makes more sense.
Find your crest in this short life
and take up residence!

It is fact that God will either give you an escape from a situation, or He will equip you to weather it.
Don't take His provision for granted, or miss His opportunities for growth. From the crest, I saw the moving of His hand and the miracle of creation. Some people only saw a storm.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the well is dry...

When the well is dry...
What do you do?
For a worker, it is when you are told your services are no longer needed...
For a writer, it is when you just cannot find anything to put on paper...
For the giver, it is when you have no more to share...
When the well is dry...what do you do?
What do you do?
Been there, done that?
How blessed and fortunate are those belonging to Jesus!
In so many life-instances, He IS The Well!
In this writer's life, He is certainly THE Source of all that you read!
I carry a notepad with me pretty much at all times. At the top of each page, you will find the words "SPEAK, OH LORD." He is always faithful to answer that request, but sometimes it takes a little longer.
But that is just one facet of this life that He provides for. He is concerned about ALL of your life! There is nothing that applies to your life that He does not know about and does not want to be involved in! LET HIM!
Jesus made a way for you to get to God the Father, God the Source! If you will go to Him, wait on Him, He will address any part of your life that you need Him to.

"Oh God, You are THE Source in all
and every part of living!
Your love, it is eternal, and
Your heart is
You made a place and gave us life
that will not ever end,
and to that Place, Lord, very soon,
Your people will ascend!

But God, You give us life while we
are even in this place!
Life in great abundance as
this living we would face!
Life as we cry out to You,
(and even life before!)
Oh God, You are THE Source, and You
are all we're living for!"

Make God YOUR Source! Know His faithfulness! He will not let you down. With Him as The Well, you will never dry up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A hand from somewhere

Wandering around...aimlessly...without purpose...
When suddenly,

A hand from somewhere, reaching out
before the mind should foster doubt,
meeting yet another need,
nourishing an inner seed.
For I have yet to understand
the workings of this reaching hand.
Its timing, it is ever true.
Ne'er per chance to misconstrue.
With expertise, I fathom not
Him Who, this reaching hand, has got
is ever-present, apropos,
His perfect care for us to know .

And hand from somewhere, reaching out.
The sight of it we'll be without
until we see Him face to face,
then to learn each time and place!
Oh, bless that reaching hand precise!
For ANY need should it suffice!
I cherish this so blessed sign
of Him Who saved this soul of mine!

The reaching hands of Jesus.
Where were you when they found you?
Where are you going to be when they find you?
He is there. Ever-reaching. Reach out and take hold of that hand! In it is the key to every situation in this this life!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Even more!

There is only one thing more wonderful than living in America: being born-again and living in America!

Hail Him Who shows Himself alive
in majesty-filled views;
the sharp and subtle contrasts or
the spectrum of the hues;
behold the waving of His hand
before your very eyes-
the absence of all understanding
sure to realize!

So glorious, the vision of
my Father's grand creation!
The very land sings out to Him
in commemoration!
Life becoming symphony
to Father God alone!
O majestic celebration
surely to be known!

Hail Him Who shows Himself alive
and take His life within!
He bought that life for you, and He
will take away Your sin!
Sing unto Him! Join creation
as it shouts His Name!
Hail Him with all your being-
you will never be the same!

The glory of America!
The glory of freedom!
I implore you to know TRUE freedom and liberty as you ask Jesus to dwell inside of you!
Somehow, the beauty of it all becomes more beautiful...
the freedom becomes even more liberated...with Jesus in your heart...somehow!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blessed Nation

Blessed is the nation
whose God is the Lord!
Blessed be the Savior
in Whom we are restored!
Blessed be His mercies
abundantly outpoured!
Yes, blessed be the nation
whose God is the Lord!

Living in America-
the freedoms that we know!
We can say most anything
as, through the day, we go...
we can go most anywhere
resources will allow...
we can worship any time
even here and now!
Not so in most other places
in the world around.
The freedoms that we all enjoy
are rarely to be found.
Most can't even speak their mind
without consequence!
Most cannot go very far
and not encounter fence!

But not so in America
where freedom is our base!
The oppression vast abroad
we do not have to face
because our God, He is the Lord,
and to His ways we cling!
"MY COUNTRY, 'TIS OF THEE..." we bow
to God and boldly sing!!

May the song of every heart be gratitude to God for the liberties that we abundantly enjoy!
We are so blessed! We are so wealthy! WE ARE SO FREE!
May we NEVER take any of this for granted!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where is Freedom?

What comes to mind when you hear the word?
Is it a place where you live?
Is it a 'physical' condition?
Until it becomes a state of the heart, its fullness will never be realized. And the only way the heart can know true freedom, is for the soul to know it, as well.
Where is freedom for the soul? In Jesus Christ alone.
Thank God for America! America the free! Because of the freedom we have here, we can worship the only One Who provides complete freedom: Jesus Christ!

America, the beautiful...
America, the free...
America, the glorious,
and may we ever be!
America, the place God's chosen
liberally to bless!
America, where I am free,
His glories to confess!

And I am free to speak about
the beauty of His Name;
I am free to share with all
the power of the same!
I am free to live the way
that Jesus tells me to,
all the while, sharing His
great love with such as you!

America...oh so blessed
a nation that we are
to have such great significance
to every stripe and star!
Value that which comes from Him
Whose blessed this nation much,
and never take for granted
your freedom nor His touch!

America. Celebrate your freedom!
Celebrate His grace that has blessed us with MANY freedoms!
Thank God for America!
Thank God for Jesus!