Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whom have I?

Based on the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 13, vv25-29:

"One question yet remains as I,
the mighty heavens, view:
Whom have I, in all of the
expanse, except for You?
I look upon the lovely earth
and its contents entire,
and learn there's nothing more than You
that I would desire!
And though my very flesh would fail,
and my heart beat no more,
Your restoration then would come,
my portion to restore!
For they that are away from You
shall perish as the wind...
and them that have abandoned You,
destruction is their end!
But it is well with me as I
have drawn nigh to my God.
I trust in You and I declare
Your works by which I'm awed!

Whom have I besides You, God,
in all of everywhere?
"NO ONE!" cries the depths of me,
You are beyond compare!
And evermore my only chore
is to find other ways
to demonstrate my love for You
and shower You with praise!"

The Word of God is so alive and pertinent to our lives!
Get into it! You will realize the reality of God and how irreplaceable He is!

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