Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Effort?

In dew that is yet present
the morning is enjoyed
by God and His creation-
how much of life employed!
The birds sing as they labor
in melody most grand,
and their song, it is replete
of His providing hand!

In dew that is not melted
is celebrated living-
even 'rodents' chirp about
the bounty He is giving!
They race about the branches
with acrobatic skill;
the very attitude they have
be laughter, if you will!

In dew that God created
life would yet abound!
And if you will allow yourself
His Presence will be found!
See Him in creation and
the life that is abounding!
You will find the proofs of Him
will there be quite astounding!

God is present in His creation.
God is present in His creation!
Take time to see Him. It is very worth the effort...BUT, it takes no effort at all!

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