Thursday, June 2, 2011


God is so good!
When I don't have the strength, He gives me His own.
When I don't feel good, He heals me.
When I can't seem to find the words, He fills in the blanks.
Those of you reading this, I hope you realize just how real He is, and join me in thanking Him for His words...

There is a joy far greater than 'emotion,'
there is a peace that more than merely 'feel;'
so many are the blessings from the Father,
and the same, He never shall repeal!
His grace shall be availed until His coming,
only then will it be called "too late!"
Take of His sweet grace before that moment,
call upon my God, so good and great!

Oh, what a blessing it is for us to have Him as our Father!
Only through Jesus Christ, His Son!
Give Him your life. You will receive far greater in return!

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