Sunday, June 26, 2011

There for him

Are you available?
God has a use for you, whoever you are, wherever you are.
Such was proven yet once more at a job I had awhile back...

"There for him, Lord, would I be
should my brother need for me;
of Your love, exemplary;
Father God, I pray.

That he would know all he must do
is call for me that I could do
what my Father leads me to,
let him know, I pray.

Should he, our provisions, need...
if, for material, to plead...
'tween You and him would I accede-
Your minister to be.

O God, to look into his face...
to hold him, Father, in embrace...
my own self, Lord, to abase
that You be seen in me.

The image of compassion, love...
discernment as of You above...
my demeanor, such, be of,
this my humble plea.

Above all, to him, make it clear
that, for his need, I am here
to share his laughter, pain or tear,
yea, Father, make him see."

The man had just wrecked his car, and his wife was less than empathetic to him. He stayed at the job for awhile after his hours were done, and we were able to minister to him.
Again, are YOU available?

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