Sunday, June 5, 2011


"The good I know to do I do not, while that which I do not want to do I accomplish too often."

So often be the opportune to slander,
and presented more and more each day.
To do the right thing takes restraint so often.
None promised 'ease' upon the Narrow Way.

No, but one must take the cross up daily,
no matter what the consequences be.
So wide the path that leads unto contrary!
Both paths are set before, and we are free.

What shall be the ruling of your spirit?
Will you cave to that which would abound?
Or, with some restraint and dedication,
in the Spirit will your day be found?

The Straight and Narrow.
The Wide Thoroughfare.
Which path will you choose?
He has set before us life and death.
Choose life!

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