Sunday, June 19, 2011


Listen to the breeze's orchestration.
Do so with no burden to distract.
Serenity, due to the lives of many-
persons who were not afraid to act!
America, the beautiful, the peaceful,
underneath the watchful eye of One,
by the blood of heroes gone before us--
recall them in the Name of Christ, the Son.

Infantry on soil of many countries...
servicemen who met Him in the air...
those whom gave their lives upon the water,
in a greatest honor, have their share!

Able to relax and only listen--
what a country! What a way of life!
Because of them for whom this day is noted
we can listen without any strife!
Grateful unto each of them in service
who went off and never did return--
Memorial--it is this day and always!
This time of honor do you truly earn!

In the murmur of the breeze...names come to heart...faces come to mind...GRATITUDE flows without end.
May the lives reflect our gratitude for those who gave their own so that we could savor such peace.

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