Sunday, June 12, 2011


Waiting for the Promise
that Father has avowed...
With the fire and the flame
His Church has been endowed!
"Cloven Tongue, come rest upon,
enable us to go..."
the power of the Holy Spirit
for us each to know!

The fullness of the Spirit
to have at our dispense...
the purity of living flames,
our very souls to cleanse!
Boldness to proclaim the Living
Word in such a way
that men would know HE IS ALIVE
and coming is The Day!

Waiting for the Promises...
but it is here at last!
Receive the Spirit! Know the power
that He has amassed!
"Holy Spirit, come! For we
avail ourselves in whole!
Ignite the life You see within us--
we give You control!

Have you given such control to God? Both of you know the answer to that!
Relinquishing yourself to God is like anything else you entrust to Him: You get more out of it than you put into it!
Oh trust me, His return is so much more than you can fathom!
Receive ye the Holy Spirit!

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