Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morning Prayer

"Heavenly Father, good morning.
What a beautiful day! Thank You for it.
Thank You for saving my soul, Father.
There is so much life in sight this morning, Lord!
So many lives. I pray, Lord, that those lives come to know You.
Oh Father, look at my wife.
You see all and know all.
I do not understand!
I know that You are Sunday, Father...BUT YOU ARE CONSTANT!
You are in our prayers, Father...BUT YOU ARE CONSTANT!"

"Jesus, ever Jesus! My Savior and my Friend.
Jesus, always Jesus! You do not ever end!
Jesus, Savior Jesus! You own my very heart!
Please wrap Your arms around my wife
and do not ever part!
The surgery is over.
They've done all that they can.
I'm trying hard to grasp that all
of this is in Your plan.
Though the evidence of such
may not be seen or heard,
the proof of it is promised and
it's settled in Your Word!"

All that is occurring-
so foreign and so real...
occurring to another-
can I really feel?
But such--it is the calling!
We must affect us all
and be empathetic
unto each other's call.

In JESUS' Name,

It is easy to be affected by this, she is part of me!
Am I this passionate and desperate when these same problems happen to another?
I should be.

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