Friday, June 10, 2011

Mine Forever!

Oh, but I have promises that are alive!

Again, the words of Jesus, they
have set my spirit free!

Comfort, healing, peace and hope
spoken unto me.
So much more than promises
as I, at once, receive
so many blessings from the One
in Whom I do believe!

Yea, does He more than promise, He
delivers it, as well!
Of the things He brings to me,
my brother, let me tell!
Such as I have mentioned, as
none other could avail,
and, of what my Lord endows,
not one will ever fail!

The promises of Jesus, I
live by them all the day!
Lacking not a thing am I,
He is my hope and stay!
And He will even be my theme
as the ages roll:
now and then and evermore,
the Savior of my soul!

Know Jesus! He is wonderful! He is so real!
He waits only for you to call out to Him!

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