Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Meal

Oh, the benefits of walking with God! There is so much that this writer could tell you you may have gathered by now since you read this devotional!
One of the greatest benefits is the life that comes as you read the Bible!

And since He's come into my heart
I've yet to lack a thing.
For when He came, such blest provision
did He also bring!
I have not known hunger,
nor since did e'er I thirst;
but why could I not yield to Him
there at the very first?

But wait! A single hunger and
a thirst has since occurred.
One so very deep within,
'tis for His holy Word!
A single way to feed it:
devour it each day!
The appetizer and dessert
are both the same: to pray!

And I 'be being filled' as on
the Holy Word I dine.
Nourishment unto the marrow
and the joints of mine!
Exactly what I need to make it
'til I dine again;
even extra, so to go
and share it with all men!

To share it with all men... so I share it with you!
Do you know the benefits of reading God's Word? They are words of life!! ABUNDANT LIFE!
Don't let anything rob you of such nutrition! Get into His Word every day!

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