Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving God

Loving God.
There is nothing more rewarding in this life!
And though we do not love Him for the rewards, He pours out His Spirit upon us without measure as we love Him!
What a blessing! Being so close to Him that you can 'feel' the relationship!

There is not another person,
no event, no thing
that can match the love of God,
what blessings for to bring!
It is not a one-way street,
in fellowship with Him,
it is the way that I restore
my vigor and my vim!
And that which He provides as I
give to Him all my love,
it causes me to long for that
awaiting us above!

Oh, the 'feeling' of the love
that we have for each other...
oh the power come from knowing
there is not another!
Oh, the glory of the One
that loves me more than all!
I cannot wait to give to Him-

there be no greater call!

Loving God.
What does it entail for you?
There is so much involved in just living life here, but loving God only makes me want to live that life completely for Him!
Ya know?

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