Friday, June 10, 2011

The Land upon rising...

The sweetness of the breeze as,
once again, I walk the fields...
the morning sun--I savor it
and everything it yields...
contrasting but a million hues
with its warming rays,
I relish all of it as,
unto God, I sing my praise!
And it is but a song that tries
to verbalize the 'feel'
of the morning on the land
and all of its appeal!
Attempted yet again this day
so merrily, indeed;
a care or worry rises not,
the blessing, to impede!

Emerging as a rose in bloom
out of His mighty hand,
the blessed morn presents itself
unto the waking land.
And the land responds by showing
forth its very best;
and I exalt Almighty God
in Whom ALL things are blessed!

How fortunate we are to be able to witness a brand new day.
How blessed we are to even have another day!
Remember Who made this day and gave it to You.
What will You do with it to give Him in return?

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