Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jesus now!

My hope and my assurance,
the same--it is my strength!
I draw from Him throughout the day,
regardless any length!
Jesus--He is mine, and He
avails Himself always;
He is my every wherewithal
in all my living days!

Jesus, o mine everything,
Jesus, o mine all!
Upon Him and His sovereign ways
may, constantly, I call!
His mercies never waver,
His grace--it is secure;
in Jesus Christ alone but I
will prosper and endure!

Jesus--my everything. Because of Him I do not lack. He provides what I need for daily life in this world and, because of what He went through, He is able to supply for living beyond this life!
Don't wait until the last minute to call out for Jesus. Do it right now and enjoy the abundant life that He supplies!

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