Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jesus, my Transport

I am not feeling very well...
I have not any strength...
the day cannot end soon enough,
I can't believe its length!
I have a refuge at the house,
will that be help at all?
But stop! Relax...take a breath...
the Name of Jesus call!

Jesus Christ, Deliverer
from what I'm going through...
Jesus Christ, the only Healer
that will ever do!
Jesus Christ, the One Whose arms
can keep the world at bay
while He completely turns around
each facet of the day!

The pain is only temporary,
Jesus is always;
"Come, Lord Jesus, transport me
into those better days!
You are everything I need
for to continue on;
in You, the stress and suffering,
to, very soon, be gone!"

Jesus, Savior Jesus. What a blessing to have such a wonderful, giving Savior.
Only in Him and through Him can I go through the days!

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