Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Distractions...frustrations...speedbumps or even roadblocks...why?
But what I am trying to do glorifies God!
But what I am trying to do benefits others!
But I am putting myself aside to accomplish this 'good' work!
But...but...BUT GOD!

Why is such opposition as
I do my best to serve?
My loves one's going through some pain
that she does not deserve!
What prevents my prayer from being it seems?
To believe that God responds
is going to extremes?

BUT GOD...He is yet faithful,
He hears and He attends.
He is right there beside my wife
until this problem ends.
He is right here beside my desk
causing words to flow...
He lives right here inside our lives,
for this we truly know!

Questions...they are present,
but answers are, as well.
And we will sure depend on Him
to make her to be well!
No matter how we're feeling, His
reality is sure,
and with that truth inside of us
we'll certainly endure!

Debby is not well. Please pray for her. The doctors are scrambling to find out what's wrong. We are doing our best to stay calm.
Thank you for your prayers.

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