Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In with Him

In fellowship, in presence
forever in His grip;
in prayer with my Father,
far more than only lip!
It's greatest conversation
than one can ever know!
So foreign a location,
as some may never go.

So wonderful, His Presence,
His glory and His grace!
So great communication,
as we are face-to-face.
And yet even closer
as He embraces in;
become we one as He
abolishes mine every sin!

So glorious--relationship
with God, Creator Lord!
O the love, the perfect love
His mercy to afford!
Affection, oh so genuine,
relationship so real.
Royalty reality--

Do you know such relationship with God?
There are so many I meet that see Him as "The Untouchable."
Quite the opposite is true!
Get to know Him just as real as the words you've just read! You will never be the same.

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