Sunday, June 26, 2011

"In" Season

Another day...
What will become of THIS one?

Morning now in season,
behold- life abounds!
The sights and the aromas...
oh, what blessed sounds!
Living on the vista,
the meadows and the vale...
the majesty of His creation
will not ever fail!

Morning in full season-
enter in and live!
O, the wonder of the gifts
so constantly to give!
The Giver, He is willing--are you
willing to believe?
It only takes a mustard seed
for any to receive!

Morning in full season!
Awake, ye living, rise!
One Person made the morning and
He reigns from 'yond the skies!
Give Him all praise and glory, for
He's worthy of the same!
He is the Giver of all good
and Jesus is His Name!

The morning may be seasonal...for now!
Soon, there will be a morning without end! (Sorry, ye who are not 'morning people!')
However, giving glory to God is NOT seasonal!
Better, giving glory to God is always in season!
Praise Him upon the rise and you will set the theme for the entire day!

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