Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Current events

The economy...
the weather...

Guess what the most important thing on that list is?
Guess what you will almost never hear about away from certain 'circles?'

Jesus is the most important
issue in this life.
He will remain no matter what
becomes of world strife.
The ONE decision ALL must make
before this life is through,
even when the world is gone,
He'll be in one so new!

"What will I do with Jesus?"
THE question ALL will face.
He is life abundant due
The Father's heart of grace!
So many dodge the issue,
deny, even defy,
but He is just as real as
the fact that you will die!

What will you do with Jesus?
But each heart must decide!
He is alive, providing life,
even though He died.
Will you choose to 'leave him dead'
and live your own deceit?
Or will You choose His life abundant,
and, all lies, defeat?

"What will we do with Jesus?"
The question of all life.
The same, it is the source of much
anxiety and strife!
But He is source of all that's good!
Call out to Him today!
He will guide your steps along
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Jesus is not an 'issue' you will hear discussed on the evening news. The same will do everything they can to sway you from such!
Find Jesus, and you will find solace from that which seems to trouble this whole world!

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