Friday, June 10, 2011


"Broken yet again, I come to You.
No one else can know just what to do.
Everywhere I hurt is in Your hand;
the boundaries and limits You have spanned!

Broken yet again I come, I come.
Pain and disappointment be the sum.
You address each issue that I keep.
You embrace me as my life would weep.

Broken would I come to You alone.
My solution is already known.
You know where to fasten every piece.
Oh God, enable grace for to release!

Broken, oh my God, will You accept!!
Secure inside Your mercy I am kept!
Victory assembles me once more.
Oh God, my God, Your mercies, they restore!

Broken would I run to You, oh Lord!
In You, I am abundantly restored!
You know mine every issue more than I.
In You will I forever occupy!"

Can you relate to any of these words?
Are you broken? Don't know where to turn?
God knows you better than anyone or anything else! Turn to Him! He has all that you need, and His arms are wide open for you!

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