Monday, June 6, 2011


The beauty of His Presence.
The reality of God.
Nothing else compares with Him.
Nothing matches the 'feeling' of assurance in knowing God in your life.
What a blessing!
How fortunate are those who realize His reality.
How different life becomes!
Too, what a blessing it is to have Christian leaders in this life to help make these truths 'more real.' Pastor Venable, thank you for not only helping make Jesus real through your teaching, but for living Jesus with such clarity, simplicity and candor.
Such truths as these were made real again last evening as I was in the sanctuary waiting for service to start...

Alone inside an empty house?
But God is always here!
And never be His house without,
with love and joy so clear!
Walk into His house and feel
immediately home!
So welcome...
so more to roam!

"Alone inside the House of God?"
the same can never be!
Holy Spirit there awaits
and welcomes such as we!
Embracing us upon arrival,
keeping us throughout;
the blessings of His house, oh let us
never be without!

Find that safe haven in your life!
God is waiting for you there.

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