Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be still!

Be still and know...shut the world out...
know the Lord your God.
Go to that place where soul and spirit
silently applaud!
In that place where even angels
bow in reverence
find a place to enter in,
establish residence!

Be still and know. For there is much
to hear where is no sound!
The Presence of the Holy Spirit
is there to be found!
You ARE somebody in that place!
Your presence is requested!
God Himself looks for you there
with blessings manifested!

Be still and know...for there are 'things'
exclusive to this place:
perfect rest...serenity...
love...abundant grace!
Walk in these things and affect
life in such a way
that men would see that Light in You:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Be still and know.
Can you be still long enough to be affected by God at the speed of life these days?
Can you go without T.V., music, cell phone, pager, etc., for one hour? The disciples couldn't!
He has so much to say to us!

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