Sunday, June 26, 2011

There for him

Are you available?
God has a use for you, whoever you are, wherever you are.
Such was proven yet once more at a job I had awhile back...

"There for him, Lord, would I be
should my brother need for me;
of Your love, exemplary;
Father God, I pray.

That he would know all he must do
is call for me that I could do
what my Father leads me to,
let him know, I pray.

Should he, our provisions, need...
if, for material, to plead...
'tween You and him would I accede-
Your minister to be.

O God, to look into his face...
to hold him, Father, in embrace...
my own self, Lord, to abase
that You be seen in me.

The image of compassion, love...
discernment as of You above...
my demeanor, such, be of,
this my humble plea.

Above all, to him, make it clear
that, for his need, I am here
to share his laughter, pain or tear,
yea, Father, make him see."

The man had just wrecked his car, and his wife was less than empathetic to him. He stayed at the job for awhile after his hours were done, and we were able to minister to him.
Again, are YOU available?


I see a star so very far,
it captivates me so!
Reminding me how, humans, we
so very little, know.
I must but glance at the expanse,
again to stand in awe;
again confessing Jesus' blessing
once again I saw!

The last frontier before me here:
the early evening sky.
As I am awed, I call to God
on Whom I do rely.
From only He could this so be,
this wonder without end,
as only He could actually,
its boundaries, ascend!

Be amazed! Stand in awe at the creation of God!
All you must do is look up in the sky!

A Rose Abloom

A rose abloom this early day
its fragrance adrift my way
I catch its delicate bouquet
tomorrow it shall fade away
A thing so perfect, lovely, yea,
tomorrow it shall fade away.

A rose abloom this blessed morn
in the black of day 'twas born
the sight of me to, hence, adorn
to know its fate am I atorn
a thing so perfect, lovely, born,
to know its fate am I atorn.

A rose abloom at morningtide
at attention, dignified
colors yet the spectrum wide
fore'er its image will abide
a thing so perfect, lovely, eyed,
fore'er its image will abide.

A rose abloom this special dawn
mine eyes are fix-ed thereupon
across the dewed country lawn
o, but what phenomenon!
A thing so perfect, lovely, gone,
o, but what phenomenon!

Did you see it?
It was there!
It was there this morning while you were scurrying about!
You probably avoided it so you would not get poked by a thorn!
Are the thorns all that you notice about life?

"In" Season

Another day...
What will become of THIS one?

Morning now in season,
behold- life abounds!
The sights and the aromas...
oh, what blessed sounds!
Living on the vista,
the meadows and the vale...
the majesty of His creation
will not ever fail!

Morning in full season-
enter in and live!
O, the wonder of the gifts
so constantly to give!
The Giver, He is willing--are you
willing to believe?
It only takes a mustard seed
for any to receive!

Morning in full season!
Awake, ye living, rise!
One Person made the morning and
He reigns from 'yond the skies!
Give Him all praise and glory, for
He's worthy of the same!
He is the Giver of all good
and Jesus is His Name!

The morning may be seasonal...for now!
Soon, there will be a morning without end! (Sorry, ye who are not 'morning people!')
However, giving glory to God is NOT seasonal!
Better, giving glory to God is always in season!
Praise Him upon the rise and you will set the theme for the entire day!

Be still!

Be still and know...shut the world out...
know the Lord your God.
Go to that place where soul and spirit
silently applaud!
In that place where even angels
bow in reverence
find a place to enter in,
establish residence!

Be still and know. For there is much
to hear where is no sound!
The Presence of the Holy Spirit
is there to be found!
You ARE somebody in that place!
Your presence is requested!
God Himself looks for you there
with blessings manifested!

Be still and know...for there are 'things'
exclusive to this place:
perfect rest...serenity...
love...abundant grace!
Walk in these things and affect
life in such a way
that men would see that Light in You:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Be still and know.
Can you be still long enough to be affected by God at the speed of life these days?
Can you go without T.V., music, cell phone, pager, etc., for one hour? The disciples couldn't!
He has so much to say to us!

What Effort?

In dew that is yet present
the morning is enjoyed
by God and His creation-
how much of life employed!
The birds sing as they labor
in melody most grand,
and their song, it is replete
of His providing hand!

In dew that is not melted
is celebrated living-
even 'rodents' chirp about
the bounty He is giving!
They race about the branches
with acrobatic skill;
the very attitude they have
be laughter, if you will!

In dew that God created
life would yet abound!
And if you will allow yourself
His Presence will be found!
See Him in creation and
the life that is abounding!
You will find the proofs of Him
will there be quite astounding!

God is present in His creation.
God is present in His creation!
Take time to see Him. It is very worth the effort...BUT, it takes no effort at all!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morning Prayer

"Heavenly Father, good morning.
What a beautiful day! Thank You for it.
Thank You for saving my soul, Father.
There is so much life in sight this morning, Lord!
So many lives. I pray, Lord, that those lives come to know You.
Oh Father, look at my wife.
You see all and know all.
I do not understand!
I know that You are Sunday, Father...BUT YOU ARE CONSTANT!
You are in our prayers, Father...BUT YOU ARE CONSTANT!"

"Jesus, ever Jesus! My Savior and my Friend.
Jesus, always Jesus! You do not ever end!
Jesus, Savior Jesus! You own my very heart!
Please wrap Your arms around my wife
and do not ever part!
The surgery is over.
They've done all that they can.
I'm trying hard to grasp that all
of this is in Your plan.
Though the evidence of such
may not be seen or heard,
the proof of it is promised and
it's settled in Your Word!"

All that is occurring-
so foreign and so real...
occurring to another-
can I really feel?
But such--it is the calling!
We must affect us all
and be empathetic
unto each other's call.

In JESUS' Name,

It is easy to be affected by this, she is part of me!
Am I this passionate and desperate when these same problems happen to another?
I should be.

That Name...AGAIN!

The Name of Jesus--what a comfort!
What a way to live!
In every situation, He
has oh so much to give!
Call upon Him. See that He is
faithful to respond!
And His ways--they are so good
and oh, so far beyond!
You will learn that when You call
He gives the very best.
When You can go no further, He
will give you perfect rest.
Jesus--oh, the sweetest Name
that I have ever heard...
He even knows my prayer when I
can't hardly find a word!

The Name of Jesus! Oh, the power
and the glory there!
I cannot keep it to myself,
His Name I have to share!
Say it with me! Sing it with me!
Trust in Him for sure!
Jesus--live the life!! For He
will evermore endure!

"Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the Name which is above every name, that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow..."

It is one thing to know the Name of Jesus. It is far greater, however, to know Jesus Christ personally! No other name will do so much for you in this life and beyond!

Friday, June 24, 2011


The opposition cannot block
the channels that I use
to communicate with God-
this, I can NEVER lose!
The enemy cannot prevent
this man from reaching Him
Who is the Light of life itself,
and will not ever dim!
No, nothing of this place can hinder
reaching Jesus Christ-
for access unto Him, He has
already sacrificed!

Think of every excuse to miss Jesus.
That's all they are: excuses!
There is no valid reason to be apart from Him.
In fact, if you are reading this, you just lost one more reason: ignorance.
Jesus is so wonderful!
Don't let anything rob you of that Wonder!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Distractions...frustrations...speedbumps or even roadblocks...why?
But what I am trying to do glorifies God!
But what I am trying to do benefits others!
But I am putting myself aside to accomplish this 'good' work!
But...but...BUT GOD!

Why is such opposition as
I do my best to serve?
My loves one's going through some pain
that she does not deserve!
What prevents my prayer from being it seems?
To believe that God responds
is going to extremes?

BUT GOD...He is yet faithful,
He hears and He attends.
He is right there beside my wife
until this problem ends.
He is right here beside my desk
causing words to flow...
He lives right here inside our lives,
for this we truly know!

Questions...they are present,
but answers are, as well.
And we will sure depend on Him
to make her to be well!
No matter how we're feeling, His
reality is sure,
and with that truth inside of us
we'll certainly endure!

Debby is not well. Please pray for her. The doctors are scrambling to find out what's wrong. We are doing our best to stay calm.
Thank you for your prayers.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Listen to the breeze's orchestration.
Do so with no burden to distract.
Serenity, due to the lives of many-
persons who were not afraid to act!
America, the beautiful, the peaceful,
underneath the watchful eye of One,
by the blood of heroes gone before us--
recall them in the Name of Christ, the Son.

Infantry on soil of many countries...
servicemen who met Him in the air...
those whom gave their lives upon the water,
in a greatest honor, have their share!

Able to relax and only listen--
what a country! What a way of life!
Because of them for whom this day is noted
we can listen without any strife!
Grateful unto each of them in service
who went off and never did return--
Memorial--it is this day and always!
This time of honor do you truly earn!

In the murmur of the breeze...names come to heart...faces come to mind...GRATITUDE flows without end.
May the lives reflect our gratitude for those who gave their own so that we could savor such peace.

Oh, THAT Peace!

Peace, it is the shadows as they lengthen
in the sonnet of the many birds;
with the breeze so subtly caressing
peace so slowly is escaping words.
But Him Whose Name is Peace so very royal
inspires but a whole new dialect!
Thus, if any intercourse is needed,
it is of a greater far effect!

Oh what peace that is from Him so living:
Jesus, only Jesus, Prince of Peace!
On the heart of all who give Him credence
He will leave the greatest of all prints!
Such peace, such peace shall permeate the living.
'Twill be an escort all throughout the day.
Peace, for it is Jesus Christ, the Living,
Him Who is the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Have you such peace in your life?
Have you that Peace in your heart?
That is where Jesus will reside...if you want Him to.
That peace is completely up to you.

Jesus now!

My hope and my assurance,
the same--it is my strength!
I draw from Him throughout the day,
regardless any length!
Jesus--He is mine, and He
avails Himself always;
He is my every wherewithal
in all my living days!

Jesus, o mine everything,
Jesus, o mine all!
Upon Him and His sovereign ways
may, constantly, I call!
His mercies never waver,
His grace--it is secure;
in Jesus Christ alone but I
will prosper and endure!

Jesus--my everything. Because of Him I do not lack. He provides what I need for daily life in this world and, because of what He went through, He is able to supply for living beyond this life!
Don't wait until the last minute to call out for Jesus. Do it right now and enjoy the abundant life that He supplies!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jesus, my Transport

I am not feeling very well...
I have not any strength...
the day cannot end soon enough,
I can't believe its length!
I have a refuge at the house,
will that be help at all?
But stop! Relax...take a breath...
the Name of Jesus call!

Jesus Christ, Deliverer
from what I'm going through...
Jesus Christ, the only Healer
that will ever do!
Jesus Christ, the One Whose arms
can keep the world at bay
while He completely turns around
each facet of the day!

The pain is only temporary,
Jesus is always;
"Come, Lord Jesus, transport me
into those better days!
You are everything I need
for to continue on;
in You, the stress and suffering,
to, very soon, be gone!"

Jesus, Savior Jesus. What a blessing to have such a wonderful, giving Savior.
Only in Him and through Him can I go through the days!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Waiting for the Promise
that Father has avowed...
With the fire and the flame
His Church has been endowed!
"Cloven Tongue, come rest upon,
enable us to go..."
the power of the Holy Spirit
for us each to know!

The fullness of the Spirit
to have at our dispense...
the purity of living flames,
our very souls to cleanse!
Boldness to proclaim the Living
Word in such a way
that men would know HE IS ALIVE
and coming is The Day!

Waiting for the Promises...
but it is here at last!
Receive the Spirit! Know the power
that He has amassed!
"Holy Spirit, come! For we
avail ourselves in whole!
Ignite the life You see within us--
we give You control!

Have you given such control to God? Both of you know the answer to that!
Relinquishing yourself to God is like anything else you entrust to Him: You get more out of it than you put into it!
Oh trust me, His return is so much more than you can fathom!
Receive ye the Holy Spirit!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving God

Loving God.
There is nothing more rewarding in this life!
And though we do not love Him for the rewards, He pours out His Spirit upon us without measure as we love Him!
What a blessing! Being so close to Him that you can 'feel' the relationship!

There is not another person,
no event, no thing
that can match the love of God,
what blessings for to bring!
It is not a one-way street,
in fellowship with Him,
it is the way that I restore
my vigor and my vim!
And that which He provides as I
give to Him all my love,
it causes me to long for that
awaiting us above!

Oh, the 'feeling' of the love
that we have for each other...
oh the power come from knowing
there is not another!
Oh, the glory of the One
that loves me more than all!
I cannot wait to give to Him-

there be no greater call!

Loving God.
What does it entail for you?
There is so much involved in just living life here, but loving God only makes me want to live that life completely for Him!
Ya know?

The Meal

Oh, the benefits of walking with God! There is so much that this writer could tell you you may have gathered by now since you read this devotional!
One of the greatest benefits is the life that comes as you read the Bible!

And since He's come into my heart
I've yet to lack a thing.
For when He came, such blest provision
did He also bring!
I have not known hunger,
nor since did e'er I thirst;
but why could I not yield to Him
there at the very first?

But wait! A single hunger and
a thirst has since occurred.
One so very deep within,
'tis for His holy Word!
A single way to feed it:
devour it each day!
The appetizer and dessert
are both the same: to pray!

And I 'be being filled' as on
the Holy Word I dine.
Nourishment unto the marrow
and the joints of mine!
Exactly what I need to make it
'til I dine again;
even extra, so to go
and share it with all men!

To share it with all men... so I share it with you!
Do you know the benefits of reading God's Word? They are words of life!! ABUNDANT LIFE!
Don't let anything rob you of such nutrition! Get into His Word every day!

Friday, June 10, 2011


"Broken yet again, I come to You.
No one else can know just what to do.
Everywhere I hurt is in Your hand;
the boundaries and limits You have spanned!

Broken yet again I come, I come.
Pain and disappointment be the sum.
You address each issue that I keep.
You embrace me as my life would weep.

Broken would I come to You alone.
My solution is already known.
You know where to fasten every piece.
Oh God, enable grace for to release!

Broken, oh my God, will You accept!!
Secure inside Your mercy I am kept!
Victory assembles me once more.
Oh God, my God, Your mercies, they restore!

Broken would I run to You, oh Lord!
In You, I am abundantly restored!
You know mine every issue more than I.
In You will I forever occupy!"

Can you relate to any of these words?
Are you broken? Don't know where to turn?
God knows you better than anyone or anything else! Turn to Him! He has all that you need, and His arms are wide open for you!

Mine Forever!

Oh, but I have promises that are alive!

Again, the words of Jesus, they
have set my spirit free!

Comfort, healing, peace and hope
spoken unto me.
So much more than promises
as I, at once, receive
so many blessings from the One
in Whom I do believe!

Yea, does He more than promise, He
delivers it, as well!
Of the things He brings to me,
my brother, let me tell!
Such as I have mentioned, as
none other could avail,
and, of what my Lord endows,
not one will ever fail!

The promises of Jesus, I
live by them all the day!
Lacking not a thing am I,
He is my hope and stay!
And He will even be my theme
as the ages roll:
now and then and evermore,
the Savior of my soul!

Know Jesus! He is wonderful! He is so real!
He waits only for you to call out to Him!

The Land upon rising...

The sweetness of the breeze as,
once again, I walk the fields...
the morning sun--I savor it
and everything it yields...
contrasting but a million hues
with its warming rays,
I relish all of it as,
unto God, I sing my praise!
And it is but a song that tries
to verbalize the 'feel'
of the morning on the land
and all of its appeal!
Attempted yet again this day
so merrily, indeed;
a care or worry rises not,
the blessing, to impede!

Emerging as a rose in bloom
out of His mighty hand,
the blessed morn presents itself
unto the waking land.
And the land responds by showing
forth its very best;
and I exalt Almighty God
in Whom ALL things are blessed!

How fortunate we are to be able to witness a brand new day.
How blessed we are to even have another day!
Remember Who made this day and gave it to You.
What will You do with it to give Him in return?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whom have I?

Based on the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 13, vv25-29:

"One question yet remains as I,
the mighty heavens, view:
Whom have I, in all of the
expanse, except for You?
I look upon the lovely earth
and its contents entire,
and learn there's nothing more than You
that I would desire!
And though my very flesh would fail,
and my heart beat no more,
Your restoration then would come,
my portion to restore!
For they that are away from You
shall perish as the wind...
and them that have abandoned You,
destruction is their end!
But it is well with me as I
have drawn nigh to my God.
I trust in You and I declare
Your works by which I'm awed!

Whom have I besides You, God,
in all of everywhere?
"NO ONE!" cries the depths of me,
You are beyond compare!
And evermore my only chore
is to find other ways
to demonstrate my love for You
and shower You with praise!"

The Word of God is so alive and pertinent to our lives!
Get into it! You will realize the reality of God and how irreplaceable He is!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Power

My power, it is based alone
on that which isn't mine.
The same becomes my own, however,
through a grace divine.
Nothing of myself to merit
that which I possess-
my power-it is His, due all
the ways He comes to bless!

His power. What a blessing! It comes only as I need it. It is always just what I need.
What a wonderful blessing!
What a wonderful grace!
What a wonderful Savior!
Jesus Christ. What a wonder!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Current events

The economy...
the weather...

Guess what the most important thing on that list is?
Guess what you will almost never hear about away from certain 'circles?'

Jesus is the most important
issue in this life.
He will remain no matter what
becomes of world strife.
The ONE decision ALL must make
before this life is through,
even when the world is gone,
He'll be in one so new!

"What will I do with Jesus?"
THE question ALL will face.
He is life abundant due
The Father's heart of grace!
So many dodge the issue,
deny, even defy,
but He is just as real as
the fact that you will die!

What will you do with Jesus?
But each heart must decide!
He is alive, providing life,
even though He died.
Will you choose to 'leave him dead'
and live your own deceit?
Or will You choose His life abundant,
and, all lies, defeat?

"What will we do with Jesus?"
The question of all life.
The same, it is the source of much
anxiety and strife!
But He is source of all that's good!
Call out to Him today!
He will guide your steps along
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Jesus is not an 'issue' you will hear discussed on the evening news. The same will do everything they can to sway you from such!
Find Jesus, and you will find solace from that which seems to trouble this whole world!

Monday, June 6, 2011


The beauty of His Presence.
The reality of God.
Nothing else compares with Him.
Nothing matches the 'feeling' of assurance in knowing God in your life.
What a blessing!
How fortunate are those who realize His reality.
How different life becomes!
Too, what a blessing it is to have Christian leaders in this life to help make these truths 'more real.' Pastor Venable, thank you for not only helping make Jesus real through your teaching, but for living Jesus with such clarity, simplicity and candor.
Such truths as these were made real again last evening as I was in the sanctuary waiting for service to start...

Alone inside an empty house?
But God is always here!
And never be His house without,
with love and joy so clear!
Walk into His house and feel
immediately home!
So welcome...
so more to roam!

"Alone inside the House of God?"
the same can never be!
Holy Spirit there awaits
and welcomes such as we!
Embracing us upon arrival,
keeping us throughout;
the blessings of His house, oh let us
never be without!

Find that safe haven in your life!
God is waiting for you there.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


"The good I know to do I do not, while that which I do not want to do I accomplish too often."

So often be the opportune to slander,
and presented more and more each day.
To do the right thing takes restraint so often.
None promised 'ease' upon the Narrow Way.

No, but one must take the cross up daily,
no matter what the consequences be.
So wide the path that leads unto contrary!
Both paths are set before, and we are free.

What shall be the ruling of your spirit?
Will you cave to that which would abound?
Or, with some restraint and dedication,
in the Spirit will your day be found?

The Straight and Narrow.
The Wide Thoroughfare.
Which path will you choose?
He has set before us life and death.
Choose life!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


God is so good!
When I don't have the strength, He gives me His own.
When I don't feel good, He heals me.
When I can't seem to find the words, He fills in the blanks.
Those of you reading this, I hope you realize just how real He is, and join me in thanking Him for His words...

There is a joy far greater than 'emotion,'
there is a peace that more than merely 'feel;'
so many are the blessings from the Father,
and the same, He never shall repeal!
His grace shall be availed until His coming,
only then will it be called "too late!"
Take of His sweet grace before that moment,
call upon my God, so good and great!

Oh, what a blessing it is for us to have Him as our Father!
Only through Jesus Christ, His Son!
Give Him your life. You will receive far greater in return!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In with Him

In fellowship, in presence
forever in His grip;
in prayer with my Father,
far more than only lip!
It's greatest conversation
than one can ever know!
So foreign a location,
as some may never go.

So wonderful, His Presence,
His glory and His grace!
So great communication,
as we are face-to-face.
And yet even closer
as He embraces in;
become we one as He
abolishes mine every sin!

So glorious--relationship
with God, Creator Lord!
O the love, the perfect love
His mercy to afford!
Affection, oh so genuine,
relationship so real.
Royalty reality--

Do you know such relationship with God?
There are so many I meet that see Him as "The Untouchable."
Quite the opposite is true!
Get to know Him just as real as the words you've just read! You will never be the same.