Saturday, May 14, 2011


The glory and the power
belong to One alone;
the very Same, Christ by Name,
for me would He atone!
In all of His great glory
He stoops for even me
so that His awe and spectacle
I vividly may see!
His might and His magnificence...
my sinfulness and shame...
the passion in his countenance,
none other be the same!
The tenderness of His each word,
yet such authority!
"Who am I?!" to Him I cry,
to be His custody!

The glory and the power...
the passion and the grace!
Every time I go to Him,
what sentiments I face!
"It's all good..." my spirit cries
while in the presence of

Christ, Who so epitomizes
mercy, grace and love!

Oh, the Fount of Jesus Christ's passion!
Go to that fount often! There's no limit!
Jesus welcomes your presence wherever, whenever, whomever you are!
His grace is sufficient!

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