Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Walking once again,
with Jesus, hand-in-hand.
Abundant is His handiwork
as I survey the land!
The proof of Him, the attestation
no man can refute!
The testimony of His Presence
would all life commute!

Walking with Him...oh the sweet
reality of God!
The birds break forth in chorus as
the sentinels applaud!
O man, exemplify Him in
the essence of your ways!
Let every work come forth from you
be radiant of praise!

No greater walk than that with Jesus
walking side-by-side!
No greater life than that which has Him
dwelling deep inside!
Reach out! Cry out for Him to come
to dwell inside the heart!
Embrace Him as you walk along
and do not ever part!

Jesus is right there next to you. Period! But you must turn and ask Him to dwell inside of you!
Go for it!!
Life will never be the same...IT WILL BE BETTER!
Does that mean you will no longer have problems? No! But You will have God Himself to go through those problems with you...and all of life! He is not there just for the problems. He wants to go through everything with you!
Please let Him!

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