Thursday, May 26, 2011

Striving for Peace

The world is at war.
Look around. Choose your battles wisely...

That we would so defend the Cross
the way we do our land;
allegiant unto it the same,
firmly so to stand...
that we would battle sin as we
so battle over oil;
tell me, then, how much more seed
would find that fertile soil?

That such resources would be spent
showing them the Lord
and equipping them, instead,
with that Two-edged Sword!

That we would be as zealous in
defense of what HE said--
I wonder, how much more or less
blood would then be shed?

And should I even ponder a
solution on this theme?
"One people under God," would it
not be a holy scheme?!
However dubious it sounds,
soon, every knee shall bow!
Why not avoid such tribulations
and just do it now?

But I am just a poet, 'tis
a fantasy above,
to battle in another realm
for mercy, peace and love!
I will not be ignorant,
yet onward will I press
until that day when, at His sight,
His Name will I confess!

Join me, won't you? Don't leave me alone in such 'ignorance!'
There is indeed a battle.
We truly are at that is far greater than 'political!'
Fight the good fight of faith!

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