Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right There!

Again the glory of His majesty
is displayed so bold and vividly!
The color of what He creates by hand
is so explicit as I humbly stand!
And all that seems to matter for a time
is that which He's inspiring to rhyme:
the glory of what He creates by hand!
Across the deepest reaches is it spanned!

The glory of His majesty.
It is clear and present in your day.
Did you see it?
Did you even look for it?
You don't have to look for it! It's right in front of you!
All you must do is acknowledge Him!
Creator God is creating constantly. He didn't just make this beautiful place and say "That's it. I'm outta here!"
No. He created this place so that He could dwell with us.
The next time you are out in creation, remember Creator God and thank Him for the blessing of the place you are in, and the blessing of being able to see it!

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