Thursday, May 26, 2011

Psalm 19

Psalm 19, from the Poet's Bible:

Behold, the heavens, they declare
the majesty of God!
The blessed earth displays His
handiwork upon its sod!
Even every day that passes by
so utters speech,
and every night that runs its course
does, blessed knowledge, teach.

There is no speech or language where
a voice does not arise
in homage unto Him Whose castle
is beyond the skies!
And nothing is created that
is ignorant within
of Him Who was, Who is now,
and Him Who will be then!

Indeed, in everything that is,
is majesty declared!
And there is good in everything,
this is how He prepared!
Let us observe His Presence and
lift up the praises due
the Holy One, His own Son,
the Holy Spirit, too!

All of creation testifies to the Glory of God.
All of man desires to be close to Him.
O man, let nothing rob you of a relationship with Him!

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